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Each individual Authorised Reseller Installer (ARI) must hold a Plumis Certificate for the role they perform

Essential background reading and resources

Automist Compliance Documentation

Fire test report: https://bit.ly/3JO9Qzl
BSi Verification Certificate: https://bit.ly/3Sk4CQX
Automist' Design Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual: https://bit.ly/3qQLFZD

Understanding Standards and Innovation
Standards and innovation: https://bit.ly/3hoU1CW
BS:0 A standard for standards (Principles of standardisation): https://bit.ly/36B1gpe
Responding to unanswered calls for change - https://bit.ly/3MpRHIU
26 minute talk about standards by Plumis CEO, William Makant: https://bit.ly/3zt896J 

Relevant standards and guidance
BS 8458 is a British Standard that gives recommendations for the design, installation, water supplies, commissioning, maintenance and testing of watermist systems with automatic nozzles installed in residential and domestic occupancies up to a maximum ceiling height of 5.5 m. It primarily covers watermist systems used for life safety, but might also provide property protection
BS 9991 gives recommendations and guidance on the design, management and use of residential buildings so that they attain reasonable standards of fire safety for all the people who are in and around them. The standard applies to the design of new buildings, and to material alterations, extensions and material changes of use to existing buildings. Included are permitted variations made possible with the use of Automatic Water Fire Suppression Systems (AWFSS) - see Table 2.
BS 7974 provides a framework for the application of fire safety engineering (FSE) principles to the design of buildings, giving recommendations and guidance for the protection of people, property and the environment from fire. It is supported by the PD 7974 series of Published Documents that contain guidance and information on how to undertake a detailed analysis of specific aspects of fire safety engineering in buildings.
Building regulations and fire safety procedural guidance: https://bit.ly/3Hfp9PW

Technical Explainers
The Automist Explainer Tool - https://form.typeform.com/to/gjbjlugC
The Automist Due Diligence Website - http://duediligence.automist.uk/
Watch our latest CPD - https://bit.ly/36s9H6c