Renew Authorisation: Installation and Commissioning Engineer

Renew your authorisation as an Automist Installation and Commissioning Engineer. A Commissioner Installer is the hands-on skilled tradesperson who performs the second fix, installation, commissioning, servicing, and maintenance. They must have a good understanding of electrical work, plumbing, fire alarms and fire-stopping to fulfil their role successfully. Installers have a thorough knowledge of Automist’s performance capabilities and restrictions on where items can be placed, ensuring they can recognise and deal with any issues or changes on site. They must take responsibility that the installation has been completed in line with these guidelines at the end of the installation and capture all the key information which is used to populate the commissioning form. The commissioner installer must consult with the Designer if they deviate from their design in a way which may affect the performance.

N.B. This module has an assignment in which you will be required to upload a video of you performing a part of the installation process so we can verify your competence.

  • Introduction
  • Key information
  • Installer Training Presentation
  • ARI's Responsibility
  • Demonstrable competency
  • Sharing knowledge competition
  • Notices
  • Maintenance
  • Replacing the solenoid valve
  • Assessments
  • Picture review assignment 02
  • Commissioning and Installation Quiz
  • Video Assignment
  • Feedback
  • Installer Course Feedback
  • Annual Maintenance visits
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Introduction, ARI's Responsibility, Demonstrable competency, Sharing knowledge competition, Notices, Picture review assignment 02, Commissioning and Installation Quiz, Video Assignment"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year